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Inspiration + Design

The Credenza that Deserves a Blog Post

April 24, 2016
Mid Century Credenza

There’s not much to say here. I just want to show off my FAVORITE piece of furniture in the history of the universe.

I knew exactly the type of piece I wanted for this space when we moved into the house. This wall sat empty for 2 months because I was waiting & searching for the perfect piece.

The quick story goes like this… there’s this amazing local antique shop near me called the Syracuse Antiques Exchange. It consists of 4 floors of incredible antiques. There’s furniture, art, textiles, lighting, and so much more. The staff there are so very friendly (they don’t make you feel dumb — some antique dealers can be very snobby)

I *almost* gave up on my hunt and went for a hutch that another dealer was selling, but decided against it at the last minute in hopes of waiting out a little longer for my perfect piece. This dealer told another dealer what I was looking for and he messaged me on Facebook to show me this piece. He got it at an auction last year and it ended up living at his house until now instead of going into the shop (thank goodness because I know it would have gotten scooped up!) It’s made by American of Martinsville, and it’s everything my dreams are made of.

Tiger and Lion Photos

So, there you have it. That’s the story of the credenza that deserves a blog post.

Inspiration + Design Spaces We Love

Spaces we Love – Chelsea from StyleMutt Home

April 13, 2016
Eclectic Living Room

Chelsea and Cate of StyleMutt Home (a home decor resource site) are sisters-in-law and designers from the outskirts of DC. I think it’s so awesome that these 2 teamed up to create their design business. Their business has grown quite a bit in the last 5 years! It began as a small furniture refinishing business in a garage, and now has grown to include home decor, design styling, and consultation.

I love the term StyleMutt because I feel like that’s exactly what I am.Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 5.13.49 PM

Chelsea’s living room is proof that many styles can be mixed together to create an awesome space. My favorite thing in the room? Those drool-worthy leather chairs. Cate refinished them (I’d love to see what they looked like before!)

You know those Saturday’s when you wake up and you feel that sudden rush of excitement because you just realized it’s Saturday and you have the whole day ahead of you with nothing planned? That’s the feeling looking at this room gives me. For some reason I want nothing more than to sit on that couch on a Saturday morning with a coffee.

Living Room 3

Chelsea’s peacock chair is what initially caught my eye on Instagram. She scored that puppy for $10. There’s a tiny consignment shop near my parents house that’s had a peacock chair in the window for a while now, and I’ve been meaning to stop in and check it out.

Living Room 2 Living Room 5 Living Room 1 Living Room 4

Follow Chelsea on Instagram for more photos of her beautiful, eclectic home!

Inspiration + Design Spaces We Love

Spaces we Love – Rolande’s minimal, natural home

April 12, 2016
minimal room

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Since starting this blog, I’ve come across some amazing designers/design obsessed people who’s spaces I love to stare at and cry marvel. I’ve become so immersed in this community that i’m starting to feel like all I do all day is look at pictures of pretty spaces. (I’m feeling a bit like Andy Warhol when I say that…)981b783b560762e2784629ff8dbb351b

So, as the old saying goes, “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” (or in my case… if you can’t BE them, post photos of them on your blog) So here’s the first of hopefully many Spaces we Love features (we being me and my 3 cats, obviously)

This first feature comes from someone I stumbled across on Instagram. Her tag is @ro_lande, she’s Dutch, and she’s got the most beautiful, simple home. It’s the perfect mix of minimal and cozy. Room to breathe, but not too empty. If I were to go to rehab, this is where I would want it to be. My new friend sent me some gorgeous photos of her space to share with you. Enjoy, and don’t forget to clean up your drool before you go 🙂

IMG_9126 IMG_9261 IMG_9354 IMG_9359 IMG_9368 IMG_9396 IMG_9451 IMG_9489

Head over to her instagram to check out more, and tell her I sent you! 🙂

Home Improvement Inspiration + Design

Home Office Progress

March 30, 2016
Home Office Inspiration

I love home offices. Put me in a beautiful, cozy little office and you can get me to happily tackle the most mundane of tasks. Since our last apartment was only a one bedroom and there was no room for an office, I built a wall unit so that I could have a cozy little place to blog and edit photos. I built it just a few months before we moved out of that place, but it was my absolute favorite spot in the apartment.

Wall Unit Desk

Ever since then, I’ve been home office obsessed. The tiniest bedroom in our house makes for the perfect office space.

Here’s the yucky room before:


Peaches kissing the carpet goodbye


Now, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. If you want a man to work hard, buy him a toy that he can’t use until said hard work is done. The toy in question here was our awesome new computer. Since Greg’s in school and I needed a good monitor for photo editing, we decided to splurge on an incredible Dell Ultrasharp monitor. Of course, with a new monitor we needed a new desk, too! The desk is on it’s way, so Greg wanted to hurry and get the office all set. He told me last night that he was going to get the floors done today but I guess I didn’t fully believe he’d do it.

He ripped up the old disgusting carpet and went to town. ((The floor heater thingy is going to be removed but Greg said something blah blah about wires. I wasn’t really listening, I just know I want it gone. They are in every room in the house but they’re no longer needed since we have central air. We’re removing them as we go.))


I started painting last night but there was a ton of patching to do, so we’ll finish that tomorrow. Three of the walls will be Valspar’s Bistro White and the wall that the computer is going on will be Mark Twain Gray Brick.

My vision for this office is simple whites, blacks, and wood tones with lots of plant life. Calm and clean!

Here’s a little mood board I put together with those things in mind:

Home Office Inspiration


Here’s where we’re at now! Home Office Black and White

And a side by side: beforeAfter

Inspiration + Design

Weekend Thrifty Finds

March 30, 2016
Vintage Bar Cart

This Saturday I woke up super early with the urge to run around to all the antique shops in the area.

First, I wanted to stop at the Regional Market to see what plants they had. I’ve been looking all around for a Fiddle Leaf Fig (Which you’ve definitely seen in any awesomely designed room, you just never knew what it was called until now!) Here’s what they look like.. Fiddle Leaf Fig

I did pick up some succulents from the stand of a local nursery and I talked to the owner about where to find a Fiddle Leaf Fig. He said he has them at his nursery & would bring me one next week, hooray! Now I just need to learn how to keep it alive.


5 for $10 at the local market!

After the market, we headed down the street to the Syracuse Antiques Exchange where I scored my favorite antique shop find ever.

Here she is where I first spotted her…IMG_9250

I asked how much it was, thinking it would be way out of my budget, but to my surprise the owner said he was going to list it at $115 but was having a sale and would give it to me for $85. I already have a bar cart that I bought about a year ago for ~$150, and I know I can sell that for at least $85 which is how I justified this purchase (IT’S FREEEEE).  This cart fits so well with the vision I have for my living room.

I didn’t know how much I loved it until I actually got it home. It’s currently right in my entryway, and I actually think I might leave it there! It’s a good piece to have right as people walk in the door and it looks super cute with my little succulents on it. Of course, I’ll style it up more once the room is complete.IMG_9276



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