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The Power of Paint

March 3, 2016
Benjamin Moore Classic Gray

Greg and I have had our fair share of paint faux pas in the 3 apartments we’ve lived together. In apartment 1, which had very little natural light, we painted the entire living area a deep, deep red. We enjoyed it for a couple months until we started to grow fangs and crave blood and then we decided we needed to lighten it back up. In fairness, this was our first apartment and I feel like everyone goes through that ‘let’s-paint-every-room-a- different-color’ phase.

In our last apartment we won some and lost some. We had a couple of nice accent walls, but we also got a little cocky and decided to paint a big focal wall orange. It was actually a big enough fail that Greg painted it back that same night.

When it came to the new house, I knew I wanted something simple I want to bring a lot of color into this house by way of decor + accents, NOT by way of paint.

Clearly the previous owner (who i’m beginning to think was Toucan Sam based on the chosen color scheme) had a different philosophy on the matter:


Go Green Bay…?

I don’t think I’ve ever done more research on anything in my life than I did on gray paint color. You wouldn’t believe all of the variations in undertone. If you follow on Instagram, I showed a photo where I used Home Depots Project Color app to see what the gray paint would look like in the space. I’ll do a helpful post and drop some serious gray paint color knowledge on you. I’ll call it the Jordan Arnold School of Gray Paints and Their Various Undertones.

Now, I am not patient enough to have done this the ‘right way’ (go get samples and put them on the walls and wait to see them in all of the different lights and blah blah blah), so I trusted the blogosphere and their many photos and opinions and I came down to two options… Benjamin Moore Collingwood & Benjamin Moore Classic Gray. It was a tight race and it consisted of me Googling pictures of the colors everyday for like 2 weeks. I don’t really know what made me choose in the end, but I went with Classic Gray. I think I was scared that Collingwood would have too much of a tan hue to it.

Anyway, we LOVE how the Classic Gray looks on the walls. (Thank goodness because Benny Moore is expen$$$ive)

Here are some before and after’s. The power of paint is amazing! IMG_9741-600x400@2x Benjamin Moore Classic Gray PaintIMG_9737-600x400@2x Benjamin Moore Classic Gray Paint

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