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Spaces We Love – Rowena’s Scandinavian Home

May 3, 2016

Rowena is an interior stylist and blogger with the most beautiful Scandinavian home. She and her husband live in an 85 sq. meter (that’s ~900 ft.) home with their 4 kids! She loves to DIY, and most of her furniture is bought secondhand (my kinda gal!) Here are a few snapshots of her beautiful home. If you can’t get enough, check out her Instagram for many more! Also, if you’re feelin’ the Scandinavian look, check out this spotlight I did a while back.

IMG_20160414_095147IMG_20160326_160110 (1)


I love how simple this sweet little room is. Perfect for a small house with lots of kids!

IMG_20160406_113523 (1) IMG_20160330_105047 IMG_20160404_104538 IMG_20160318_092301

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